Kevin and Zach Ward are photographers from Columbus, GA and Atlanta, GA who specialize in real estate, architecture, and interiors. Owning and publishing the Homes by Owner and Realtor magazine, has provided the opportunity to photograph hundreds of homes over the years and they found that they had both a talent and a passion for photographing real estate and architecture. Mixing their love of all things technical with a lifelong passion for photography has proven to be the perfect combination for Kevin and Zach. Attention to detail is the distinguishing factor not only in shot composition, staging and lighting, but in the editing process to make sure the finished product looks as good in the photograph as it did

in person. Having been surrounded by the real estate market for more than fifteen years, Kevin and Zach understand that first impressions are everything when selling a home. Their fastidious attention to detail, experience in the market, and talent for photography gives them the ability to take care of any and all photography needs for anything from marketing a home for sale, to commercial architectural photography.  We focus on making that first impression you see online one that is both impressive and memorable!  Studies show that homes with professional photography spend less time on the market and sell for more money (see our blog post for details).  Use the "Schedule Now" page to get your project started.